How would your life change if you believed everything you needed was already within you?

Trauma can make you feel like a prisoner in your own body. It does not discriminate. It knows no age, gender, ethnicity, or industry. 

Trauma has a way of impacting your daily life. It affects the way you feel, how you respond to things happening around you, and even how you treat others.  Trauma can change your body in ways you do not choose.

And then, you feel stuck, and nearly powerless to your circumstances, feeling like you have no control over your life or your emotions at all. 

You might know you want change in your life, but you’re not sure what that even looks like, let alone how to get there. 

I know this story well because I’ve experienced it personally. 

I understand how you feel on a first hand level. As a survivor of child abuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse and someone who has been a victim to alcoholism, I’ve experienced hurt, and often hurt others in my path because of the way that trauma manifested in me. 

I’m here to tell you, you don’t have to keep living this way. I’ve come to realize that my experiences are what allowed me to know myself in the truest way possible. 

After facing my thoughts and feelings and choosing to sit with them, I was able to use these experiences as the catalyst for change in my life to uncover who I truly am and create a life that I actually want to be living on a daily basis…

And now, I want to help you uncover the same in yourself. Through coaching, we will gain an awareness of where the trauma lives inside of you, give it a name, learn it, honor it, make friends with it, and reassure it that you are now safe and it can rest. 


What would your life look like if you gave yourself the space to heal, find clarity and uncover your inner strength?

Everything you need is already inside of you. You are capable.

You don’t have to do it alone. We’ll walk this road together to create a life you love, feel safe in, and are proud of.

Will you join me? 

Love & Gratitude, 

- Gina 

Unleash Your Inner Strength, Clarity, & Confidence

Ready to get started? Contact me to discuss your goals, and we’ll find the path that’s right for you. Let’s chat! 



Certified Trauma Informed Life Coach

Gina Donnell is a trauma survivor turned Certified Coach & Yogi. She has received certifications in Trauma Informed Coaching (TIC) and Ritual Guide Training, and is currently pursuing certifications in Somatic Training and yoga. 

A homeschooling mom and wife, Gina is also the founder of the Sugar Creek Academy homeschool co-op where she offers a free-range, child-led learning experience for small groups of children. 

Gina’s practice is located in Woodville, Ohio at her co-op, rental space, and multi-use studio called The Ivy House where she offers group healing sessions, yoga, coaching, meditation, space rentals, and more.

Are You Ready for Change?

Ready to get started? Contact me to discuss your needs, and we’ll find the path that’s right for you. Let’s chat! 


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